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Zach Stelling


I was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1982 as Zachary Berr Stelling; son of Linda and Doug and brother to Matt. Growing up near the mountains created many memories and inspired many ideas for the future. At the age of 7 my family moved from Boulder to Phoenix. By this time I was holding a pencil and my dad, the architect, was teaching me to draw. At the same time my mom, the English teacher, was teaching my older brother to write. Both my brother and I were very athletic and competitive to say the least. After a year in Arizona we moved to Washington State where I met a large group of friends who made it feel at home. Sports became a large part of my life and I dreamed of becoming a pro Baseball player. I continued to draw with much suppor4t from teachers and parents. But my parents, roaming like they do, moved back to Boulder and dragged me along. I was now 13 and very shy which made it hard to meet friends. My brother was my best friend. I became more interested and involved in art. I learned to paint and sharpened my drafting skills. Then I moved back to Washington State and was with my friends once again. Sports were important once again but art was too.

My brother at this time was away at college but I had my friends. With hopes of playing college baseball I focused on that, putting art to the side. With no offers or interest from colleges by high school graduation, I decided to go to Arizona State University and study graphic design. My brother transferred to ASU and was an English major. We pushed each other in art, trying to top the other's creativity. My brother tried to teach me the art of writing while I taught him visual arts. This is when I changed my major to drawing. Ever since, art has been my life.

I have graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing. I am continuing to draw and paint with little aspiration to become a baseball player. My struggle between art and sports is over. My mind is set on art the way it should have always been.