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Kyle O'Malley

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, on January 18, 1990, artist Kyle O’Malley began creating art in his early childhood. He was constantly outdoors analyzing and appreciating the desert landscape. In school he was loud and continually getting reprimanded for his mischief. His hyperactive personality would benefit him when at a young age he was heavily influenced by his father to pick up a pencil and paintbrush and be creative. It was something to hone his focus on, which he could do for hours on end. Although an avid baseball player for most of his life, he was always drawing, painting, or creating in some way or the other. “I was always doing something with my hands, whether it was making pictures or building 3D forms. I found life and nature to be very intriguing and always changing”. In his late teens, after winning multiple awards and scholarships for his work he decided to pursue a career in art. Shortly after studying at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles in 2011, he returned to Tempe, Arizona, to graduate with a bachelor’s in Fine Art from Arizona State University in 2013. Now a full time artist, Kyle continues to create work in his Tempe studio for collectors and enthusiasts nationwide.