Art One Gallery, Inc.

Kirk Hays

"During the day I'm a litigation attorney, but I just do that to make ends meet. My real passion is art.

I first became interested in art while pursuing a degree in Philosophy at the University of Utah. I continued to draw and paint while attending the University of Virginia where I got a juris doctorate degree. During a particularly boring property law class my lecture notes consisted of a detailed drawing of Georgia O'Keefe taken from a photograph in my textbook. I do not practice in the area of property law.

I have continued my art studies at Phoenix Community College, the Scottsdale Artist's School as well as through self-study." - Kirk Hays

Artist Statement:
I paint people because they are fascinating. Each face is made of the same simple components: two eyes, a nose, a mouth...
but every face is unique. And pushing through that face is a personality as immensely complicated as the face is deceptively simple.

I try to get behind the face and to depict that personality. My goal as an artist is to create works that people can spend years getting to know.