Art One Gallery, Inc.

Julius Forzano


The work is stoneware and porcelain, high fire, Cone 10 reduction, both wood and salt fire. The vessel is used as a means of presenting sculpture and also as a canvas for two dimensional drawings.

His sculpture is primitive in form, yet sophisticated in concept. It represents various human conditions and relations, many of them between man and woman. Peacefulness, playfulness, discord, spirituality and even bondage are evident in the work. Often the vessel-on-vessel is used to take the figures, and thus the concept of the piece, through time and space.

Drawings on clay are a further expression of the various sculptural themes. The drawing style is influenced by the interest in Greek and Roman history. Additionally, there is a keen interest in mythology, folklore, and children’s fables.

The artist believes it is an important challenge to express many of life’s influences and emotions in a thoughtful, playful, and visually attractive manner.


Born in the Bronx, NY in 1929, his art education began at Pratt Institute in New York City. In addition, he has studied aat Arizona State University, Mesa Community College, and Mesa Art Center, and has participated in many workshops both in the United States and abroad. Awards of excellence in craft were awarded at both ASU and MCC.